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Patricia began running mosaic workshops at the Christie Hospital, Manchester, in 2004. She has since gone on to work for Liverpool Social Care Partnership, Knowsley NHS Trust and Alder Hey Children’s hospital.

As well as enhancing the physical environment creative activity can have a positive impact on physical and mental well-being, increase self-esteem and help towards improving quality of life of those involved.

Alder Hey Childrens Hospital Oncology Unit Aldey Hey Hospital Oncology Unit
Children at Alder Hey Hospital's oncology unit created 'Hope and Joy', two beautiful Fat Birds that will make their home in the hospital's garden. READ MORE
Alder Hey Childrens Hospital Dewi Jones Unit Aldey Hey Hospital Dewi Jones Unit
Patricia worked with children at Alder Hey Hospital's Dewi Jones unit to create some beautiful mosaics to decorate the hospital's garden. READ MORE
Knowsley Art of Eating Energising the Arts in Knowsley – The Art of Healthy Eating
Encouraging communities to adopt the kind of diet and lifestyle that will reduce the risk of obesity, and to eliminate an eyesore at the entrance to the school. READ MORE
The Stanley Centre The Stanley Centre, Knutsford
Working with staff and service-users at the Centre to create a Bee and Butterfly Mural to enhance their newly created bee and butterfly garden. READ MORE
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